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Factory of Mirrors with LED touch light, Smart Mirrors, Mirrors with TV , Mirrors for advertising, Cristal TV for kitchens,

bluetooth mirrors


bluetooth mirrors

Bluetooth bathroom mirrors. Mirrors with speakers for bluetooth music, includes 3 light tones. warm light, neutral light and white light. Standard sizes and custom manufacturing

Mirrors with touch LED light

We manufacture mirrors with LED light and touch button, we handle Standard measures and design to measure. Choose from 1 light color to 3 different ones. Dimmable touch button, different models

espejo led.png

mirrors with tv

Espejo con television

We integrate a Smart TV screen in a mirror, so that it is hidden in the mirror and when you turn it on it magically appears in the mirror. Watch your favorite programs on Smart TV such as NETFLIX, YOUTUBE, AMAZON PRIME, among others

Mirror for advertising

Interactive mirrors for advertising, monetize the mirrors of your establishment

espejos para publicidad.jpg
Espejo publicidad

Elevator Mirror

Mirror with integrated screen for marketing.

Display videos and images. Tell your customers what you need in the elevator mirror

Anti-fog  for Mirrors

Thermoelectric Anti-fog Technology for bathroom mirrors



At NAALA we develop and perfect the smart mirror. 

NAALA Mirrors Gallery
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