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150 x 70 TOUCH LED MIRROR  CMS with contour light

* You can buy your mirror directly here on the page or you can contact us to make a transfer. All mirrors are manufactured by NAALA, a Mexican company. Shipments are protected * Shipped in a protected box in 2-5 business days * We are manufacturers * Customer service 5567096840 * You can use it vertically or horizontally Do you need installation? After making your purchase, contact us to quote your installationWe have estimates from $ 250 MXN
Product description


  • Minimalist design
  • Modern design
  • Luxury finishes
  • Great lighting
  • Energy saving LED light
  • Touch button





Modern design inspired by European style.
The most recent trend in decoration and interior design.
Light saving led technology.
Generous luxury dimensions.
It can be placed vertically or horizontally.
It includes

The mirror itself (silver film coated glass sheet) is 5mm thick.
Electrical range: 110 ~ 250 v / 50 ~ 60 Hz. That is, if you have current at 110 or 220 volts this mirror works for you.
Electric cable with standard plug.
Wall mounting bracket to be placed vertically or horizontally.


Part Number: EL8060D.
Color: Mirror
Modern design.
Important information

1 year warranty on manufacturing defects / electrical parts no warranty.
Led touch mirror does not require extra material for its operation. Professional installation is suggested.
Led touch mirror does not include a support base or decorative utensils that can be shown in the image.


* Do not be fooled with other products of poor quality and null durability, take care of your investment, we are the specialists with 34 years of experience, check our excellent quality, we have ISO 9001, NOM certificates, we are the main suppliers of mirrors for hotels of 5 stars.


Front LED Touch Mirror 59''x27''

PriceFrom $6,900.00
Sales Tax Included

Abril Loco

    • Boton touch
    • Luz led dimmeable (control de brillo touch)
    • Diseño minimalista
    • Ahorro de energía luz LED
    • Fácil instalación
    • Materiales Aluminio (no madera)
    • Hecho en Mexico
Shipping anywhere